What’s in it for you?

If you know potential clients interested in use our international payment solution for events, travel packages, business missions or any service related product, now you can apply to become part of Getmundi Ambassador Program and receive some benefits like:

A special commission over each project your client create on Getmundi;

Invitation to exclusive Getmundi events such as product launches,
networking events, and celebrations

Access to Getmundi Ambassador network where you’ll find other enthusiast from several countries.

What do ambassador actually do?

You’ll be the connection between possible customers and Getmundi. Actually it’s very simple, you’ll:

Learn about the product and all benefits we can provide;

Indicate Getmundi solution for your clients;

How this indication process works?

You will share with potential clients your exclusive ambassador registration URL, example: www.getmundi.com/register-YOUR-CODE

Our system track all registrations with your code and check when your new clients create a project, letting you know as soon as a new project is ready to start.

After 30 days of each paid order the ambassador commission will be automatically credited on your Getmundi account and you can use it to pay suppliers or send to your bank account.

How much is the Ambassador commission?

|||You’ll receive a fixed commission of 0,5% of each paid order.

E.g. If your client create an event and is selling tickets for 200 EUR, you’ll receive 1 EUR for each paid order.

Each refunded order will be automatically discounted on your Getmundi account.

What I need to do to become a Ambassador?

There’s a few requirements to become a Getmundi Ambassador as you can see here:

You need to have a Getmundi organizer account opened and approved.

It’s necessary to use our solution for your own events or services (if you organize any service cover by our solution);

Let’s start to work together? Click here and get your Ambassador registration link
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